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Blue Maid

Blue Maid… Episode 28

BLUE MAID CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) PRINCE ADRIAN It’s time for the maids to come for cleaning. I always go to the basement. My own secret hideout. Only Derek and I have been there. There are security cameras everywhere in my rooms so I just sit down and enjoy watching them clean, […]

Blue Maid… Episode 25

BLUE MAID CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) BLUE MAID His phone buzzed and he took the phone and looked at the screen. He sighed and picked it Derek :Alice… How are you….. Oh.. Well I’m driving now, will call you back later… Okay… Me: we’re here sir Derek: oh so soon I nodded […]

Blue Maid… Episode 23

BLUE MAID CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) DEREK It’s been a month since the girls left. I haven’t changed a bit. Still the playboy Anyway Blue calls me sometimes but she and Audrey always keep in touch with Belinda I’m really excited today because I’m going to the castle to see Adrian. He’s […]

Blue Maid… Episode 22

BLUE MAID CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) DEREK I wanted pouring out what I felt to someone. I needed someone to talk to I took my phone Should I call Adrian? No, I don’t want to disturb him with my problems again. Besides I’ve already solved the problem Blue and Audrey packed out […]

Blue Maid… Episode 21

BLUE MAID CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) AUDREY Did I just hear well? We’re dismissed? In other words fired? What? Why? What’s happening? Hmmm Chief Maid….. I suddenly became angry I looked at Blue, she looked really sad and my face saddened to. I held her hand and gave her an encouraging look. […]

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