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Isabel… Episode 11

# ISABEL {Drown in your love} . #Episode_11 . . By Japhy . IsabeL’s POV I quickly took my shower and was dressed in my yellow floral top and crazy jean trouser. “Isabel…” Lynn yelled my name, i guess she was ready cos we are going for practice since we have free day at school […]

Isabel… Episode 9

# ISABEL {Drown in your love} . #Episode_9 . . By Japhy . “you see it for yourself, that means i need my daughter back,” Rick said then smirk. “she’s too young for this, she’s just a little girl. How can i tell her am not her father. Am not ready for this, am not […]

Isabel… Episode 8

# ISABEL {Drown in your love} . #Episode_8 . . By Japhy . Drake has been waiting for Isabel at the park the next day but all was in vain, he told Uncle Max about what she told him and they were willingly to accept her. His parents also agreed to that. “something dangerous happen […]

Isabel… Episode 7

# ISABEL {Drown in your love} . #Episode_7 . . By Japhy . The death of Kacey was a painful death to everyone most especially Emily who couldn’t concentrate on her studies again, she was always with her mom’s picture hugging it. Edward was devastated and so helpless, he couldn’t believe Kacey will actually died […]

Isabel… Episode 6

#ISABEL {Drown in your love} . #Episode_6 . . By Japhy . Kacey’s POV “Tessa..” i said smiling as i walked to her room. “Kacey,” she said smiling. I sat down close to her on her bed. “you know i sometimes think you’ll never gonna be my in law but it actually a dream come […]

Isabel… Episode 3

# ISABEL {Drown in your love} . #Episode_3 . . By Japhy . The next morning i was already awake because i was unable to sleep and also waiting for mom to open the door. Just a few minutes later, they door went open and i quickly entered. “get ready for school Thalia while Princess […]

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