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Jay… Episode 19

JAY #Chapter 19 (Finale) Story by, Rejoice . . . . . #Nana ‘s Okay, I forgave Jardel.. He promised me alot and swore never to hurt me again. I still love him and if you can remember quite well, I cried for my mom to make him come back to me and yes they […]

Jay… Episode 18

JAY #Chapter 18 (Semi Finale) Story by, Rejoice . . . . . #Jay ‘s POV I woke up and found myself in a wood bed. With scary pots and scattered leaves and a smoking pot beside. I wiped my eyes and stared confusely at everything.. A log cabin? “Where the hell am I? what […]

Jay… Episode 17

JAY #Chapter 17 Story by, Rejoice . . . . . #Jay ‘s POV [Continues] “Two days ago, by early morning of two o’clock.. I was moving through this forest when I saw something.. It wore clothes and so I knew it was a human. Laying like death on the ground. I walked up to […]

Jay… Episode 16

JAY #Chapter 16 Story by, Rejoice . . . . . #Nana ‘s POV [Continues] We’ve gone a bit far again, when I saw something. A raising smoke which seem like it was coming from a chimney pot. A house! A house in a forest!? “Can you see that?” I said, pointing to the smoke […]

Jay… Episode 15

JAY #Chapter 15 Story by, Rejoice . . . . . #Nana ‘s POV [Continues] I blinked. “That’s not possible. It makes no sense.” I said sharply. Jardel shrugged. “Not like I want it to happen. It’s just a suggestion.” He said. “We can try this.” Jay said with wide eyes. I glared at him. […]

Jay… Episode 14

JAY #Chapter 14 Story by, Rejoice . . . . . #Nana ‘s POV [Continues] It was eleven minutes to twelve when we set out to head to the forest.. Jardel choosed to drive and I hissed twice before giving him the keys. I yelled continously at him on how he drive too roughly. I […]

Jay… Episode 13

JAY #Chapter 13 Story by, Rejoice . . . . . #Nana ‘s POV Jay’s body was freaking cold! And now I don’t know what to tell this bitch here. “Just tell him about me if you don’t know what to say.” Jay said.. I rolled my eyes, remembering I don’t fucking need to let […]

Jay… Episode 12

JAY # Chapter 12 Story by, Rejoice . . . . . # Jay ‘s POV “Hello Sir.” Nana said as she picked up the call. I watched her. She drove with the one hand and held the phone with the other. I saw her inhale after few seconds.. “Im sorry sir.” She said. “Okay […]

Jay… Episode 11

JAY #Chapter 11 Story by, Rejoice . . . . . #Nana ‘s POV [Continues] Previous]: “Nana..” He called again. “Huh?” “You’re really beautiful.” He said. I couldn’t smile… Though I wanted to but I just said, “Thank you.” The next time I glanced at him… He was checking out the tattoos on his arms.. […]

Jay… Episode 10

JAY # Chapter 10 Story by, Rejoice . . . . . # Jay ‘s POV I stayed at Nana’s sister’s school, sitting on top of the big school bus… Ever since I found out im a ghost, I could now do unnelievable things… I jumped and the next thing, I found myself on top […]

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