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The wedding

The wedding… Episode 28

🌟The Wedding🌟 Can I love you . . 💖Episode 28💖 Final episode😋 ——————–­—————— The doctors rushed Angel in while they waited at the reception restlessly. Nigel hugged Rose who is shaking and crying. Nigel: Please stop crying my love… Our son is gonna be okay. Rose: He has to be because I don’t know what […]

The wedding… Episode 27

🌟The Wedding🌟 Can I love you . . 💖Episode 27💖 ————————————– Continues… Rose burst into loud tears scared that something terrible might happen to her baby. Fred left with a content smile while Theresa consoled Rose. Theresa: Don’t worry Rose, I have faith that Angel will be safe. Nothing will happen to him. Rose: I […]

The wedding… Episode 26

🌟The Wedding🌟 Can I love you . . 💖Episode 26💖 ————————————– Nigel and the inspector went to the hospital together. On getting there they rushed to her ward. Her head was bandaged and she was in a bad state. Inspector Dave: (To the officers watching her) Excuse us officers. They saluted and walked out. Nigel […]

The wedding… Episode 25

🌟The Wedding🌟 Can I love you . . 💖Episode 25💖 ———————————————— Nigel went back to the other house to stay with Rose who is suffering because of everything that is going on. He met her sitting in her room staring at the ceiling and tears coming from her eyes. He sat beside her and hugged […]

The wedding… Episode 24

🌟The Wedding🌟 Can I love you . . 💖Episode 24💖 ——————————————— 💗Continues at Nigel’s Mansion💗 Selena: I don’t know where you got this from but I don’t owe you an explanation. Nigel: You don’t owe me an explanation? You’re really saying that at this time that my son is missing and you’re the main suspect? […]

The wedding… Episode 23

🌟The Wedding🌟 Can I love you . . 💖Episode 23💖 ——————————————- Still at the police station… Rose: What is wrong with you Nigel? Why aren’t you talking? Say something? Nigel: Do what you have to do officer, we have to leave now. Inspector Dave: We’re gonna get back to you Mr Owens. Nigel: (Stands up […]

The wedding… Episode 22

🌟The Wedding🌟 Can I love you . . 💖Episode 22💖 ————————————- Nigel got home in the evening to talk to Selena who’s still angry about the incident that happened before. Anna and Jean are currently not in the house as they went to their other property to give the couple their needed privacy. Selena is […]

The wedding… Episode 21

🌟The Wedding🌟 Can I love you . . 💖Episode 21💖 ……………………………… Rose: Dad what are you doing here? Fred: (walks inside the apartment) You’ve got a nice place daughter. Rose: I asked you a question, what are you doing here? Fred: Relax darling. I don’t bite, I just came to say hi to my beautiful […]

The wedding… Episode 20

🌟The Wedding🌟 Can I love you . . 💖Episode 20💖 …………………………….. Nigel and Rose ate dinner and also left some for Cathy. Angel has woken up. Rose: He’s so troublesome, at his age I didn’t trouble my mom this much. Argh. Nigel: Ummm… I’m sure the boy takes after you. I mean he looks like […]

The wedding… Episode 19

🌟The Wedding🌟 Can I love you . . 💖Episode 19💖 ………………………………. Continues Nigel: What do you mean you won’t let me go Selena? Selena: I love you Nigel. I can’t watch you leave me for her so I’m gonna fight for you. I’m not giving the divorce. She walked out still wearing her robe, Nigel […]

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