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Clumsy Nurse. {Season 2}… Episode 17

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clumsy nurse
episode 17
chiding Jerry m
he slipped in his slipper and pulled out his shirt he walked past me and dropped his phone on the
counter.then he pulled out his singlet I just watched him that sweet body.but is he really going to
ignore me he tried walking past me again this time i held his hands lightly he looked around for a
while then turned to look at me.. I shaked my head in disagreement.
” Ryan please,don’t do it again..don’t live with me like u did before …I am not a robot, I really need
someone right now please don’t ignore me.
he looked at my face for a while then he walked closer to me. he lifted my face up and tucked my
full hair into my ear.
i looked at him and he gently removed my hair from my shoulders sending them to my back then
he ran his eye from my neck down my chest I held the towel lightly. he brushed my hair with his
fingers …….
he looked into his hands and moved away
” are you ok Anna
“are you getting any signs of sickness
” no what kind
” Weight loss
Hair loss
Bleeto ng
Head ache
” no not really am fine ,i tried sitting down he held my both hands lifting me up the towel almost fell
he held it to my chest I took it from him and folded it tightly
” Annastasia talk to me please
” Ryan I am fine I swear,am fine.no signs at all if I get I will tell you.
“ok,. he moved away from me and walked into the shower.
I know am fine . I wore the night gown quickly and packed my hair up. Ryan walked out of the
shower with towel around his waist.
“uhmmm I will check the cook.I walked out of the room and met our cook.
” uhmmm what did Ryan choose to eat
” well he said he is not hungry.
” ok
“what about you.
am not hungry too,i am fine
I walked down to the pool and sat down dipping both my legs into the water when Ryan came to
me.he sat beside me with both hands by the pool.Ryan’s house is really beautiful and romantic
any woman will die to live with him he is an angel.I looked in his beautiful face and he gasped for
full air
” Anna I never imagined in my life that I would stop loving you.I loved everything about you,your
nose ,your mean nature ,your authoritativeNess,i loved the way you loved me Anna ,i loved the
way you cared for me ,i loved the way you made love to me ,everything about you is beautiful. I
sounded rude before while breaking up with you am really sorry. the truth is I wasn’t shocked or
annoyed to find you in our room Anna the last thing I can ever do until the day I die is to chase you
out of this house… this house is really yours too even if we are no longer a couple. in this house u
saved me,made me,took care of me,changed me, you were enough for me and you made this
house my home.if it where left for me to decide I wouldn’t Fall in love with clara.if I could tell my
heart who to love I would choose to love you untill the day that I die.
I smiled
” but Anna Clara came along and right now she is all I think about ,i can’t even breath because she
is missing I miss her so much and I love her very much.he turned to me “i really do .he said
looking into my eye. I looked down gently.
” right now I don’t know where she is but where ever she is i know she is not happy. Anna I
promised Clara that I want to be the man she deserves and I really want to do that..
” Ryan but
” I know everything Anna I am not a kid,i know you might have loved me but you loved a.g.h.c
more than me
” Ryan
“I know that malcom is back and he is one of your biggest fear especially now that your dad is
sick. i know your mom is missing and i know tonia is against you yes Anna I know what you are
going through I understand you.I know how much you need that merger Anna maybe more than
you need air to breath.and I also know how much my dad needs it.I can’t just up and ruin it . but
what about me.a.g.h.c is your life clara is mine .I need her as much as you need me so I decided
to do what’s right.
I won’t ruin a.g.h.c or your hard work to be happy I will rather ruin my own life to be happy and
keep you happy.
” Ryan what are you saying
” Anna I found a way to break off the marriage peace fully
” but there is no way
” there is Anna don’t worry the merger will still be same and malcom won’t hit you again….
everything will be fine .all I need is Clara.. you can as well keep the house too Anna just be happy making you happy is what I really want .I hate seeing u in pain cos I know the burden u were born
with and I don’t ever want to add to that. but I also need to be happy too Anna and I pray
everything works out ….he pulled Me into a hug and kissed my fore head.then he hugged me
tight… don’t worry Ryan one day I will tell you the truth of where my heart really is so you won’t
think you are hurting my heart right now .am all right I even want you to be with clara…. i miss tony
as much as you miss clara too… i want u both to be happy but not at the cost of my dad’s life hard
work not at the cost of the merger Ryan.not at the cost of ruining my life. tonia is looking for a point
to step in from. my parents will become paupers she wants to take everything away but dad
doesn’t believe me.I will personally stop her I will stop all of them as long as I am alife. God I
missed being in his arms..
we both walked back into the house he fell on the bed facing upward and I lay beside him.
” I wish everything works out well ” he said
“me too .I smiled and closed my eye .if only u tell me your plan i will know how to handle it.
early the next morning i woke up without Ryan .he already left.he left very quickly.I rushed into my
shower .Ryan no matter what you do don’t tell your dad about Clara.
claras pov
omg I told those men to come tomorrow ,where will I get money from. this is bad…. i had gone job
hunting since yesterday and finally I got one.it’s not yet secured he said i should come today. by 2
ok till then.
” am off Clara also your dad’s drugs are out and I am totally broke. iia said
“its ok I am sure I will get a pay ahead in my new job today
she stormed out.oh heaven I want to see ryan I miss him so much i see him everywhere.I better
get ready to go to work.
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ryans pov
I walked into my dads office direct. I opened the door without knocking
(u don’t try this with him) a young girl just pulled down her gown which she wore braless she’s
pretty .. the girl smiled seductively at me and i opened the door for her.yes its not today i have
been catching him since I was 17 he’s young handsome look keeps deciveing him. as long as he
still loves takes care of my mom I don’t really care about his other fun game’s.cos these little girls
dont understand that a married man can never place you above his wife..
just then my dad walked out. he wore a thick black suit flattering his handsome physic.my dad
would never grow old.he has a 25 year old son for crying out loud yet he looks 29. he walked up to me and hugged me tightly.
“my boy
” dad
” welcome.
he let go of me and sat facing his table.its pointless telling him how I feel he would never
” dad I have something to say about the merger
” I always knew the problem will come from my sons side…
” dad
” am all ears ryan
” I can’t marry Anna dad.
” are u high
” I know u Wont understand dad you obviously don’t understand love .
” love or no love.u can’t break off that merger , u don’t know how much I have spent from there. a
lot of transfers are still ungoing,does this look like child’s games how will we make the returns.
” am sorry dad ,i can’t continue with this marriage I love someone else.
” who, Clara David ?
I turned in shock,omg how did he know about Clara I didn’t even want to tell him about her.
” Ryan ,i saw pics of both of you even in the club and I thought it was just an affair,i tot u were
using her to pass time dont tell me u love that girl ,don’t tell u you chose that toy over Annastasia
who will secure your future
” dad I love clara and I don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why I love clara.as for the merger
like I said I won’t marry Anna but the merger will still be secured.
” tell me what your stupid brain is thinking ..tell me what your brain us thinking Evan.
ok once he calls me my birth name he has gotten angry but i don’t care.
” dad I will move over my shares to Carlos.
” whaaaaaat!!
” if I had a brother i would have given it to him but Carlos is my cousin.I will sign off everything to
him he will become the heir of Devan group and I will become a commoner
” what
” that way Carlos will marry Anna and the merger will still be secured no differences.
” no differences ,no differences.u want to sign off your birth right to someone, no differences.
” you want to work under someone all your life ,no differences.
” did you even think about your mom, when u give Carlos such power will his mum let your mum
maintain her position in r.d ?.
” u will let him take your house too right no differences.
” you want me to be made a laughing stock in society no differences.
” what has Carlos done for you all your life u want to give your birth right to him all because of a
woman.Evan!!!” he shouted hitting his gun across the table ,this man should not shoot me by
mistake .
I stood up
“I already met my lawyer dad,i decided and its final all I want is Clara .
I rushed up and walked out…God Clara I need you now where are you.let’s go.lets elope.lets go
far away.I love you so much I gave everything up for you. where on earth are u Clara ….

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