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Dream. {Season 3}… Episode 16

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Episode 16…….
Chidinma Jerry m
Star queen
sixteen ..
I fell on the pillow beside Bryan.
“The weather is cold,wear your sweater”he said
“But what about–
“Shhhh”he said and kissed me I smiled as I took his top and dragged him up.
“Honey stand up ” I said.
Bryan knelt well and I pulled the top into his head.
He smiled and I helped him wear it.
He pulled in my sweater.
We both fell on each other in quiet smiles.
He took the gum pack and forced some into his sweet mouth.
He lay well on the pillow and I balanced on him then he took his phone..
“What about mine” I said he pulled me up and kissed me then transferred the gum into my mouth.
I smiled and he took another one then chewed quietly.
“But where we going to do it without protection?”I asked
“Ummm I knew it won’t work so I didn’t bother”he said.
i smiled.
“Sorry, am crazy” I said he smiled and picked a call I moved deeper into his body..
“Diego”he said as he brushed his fingers down my hair.
I closed my eye.
“The camera has problems, i am innocent”he said in smile.
“Ok” he added and dropped the call then balanced on his pillow.
I moved out of him and lay beside him..he covered me well
“Oppa we don’t have a picture together” I said Bryan brought out his phone.
“Lets do it” he said I smiled and we took our first pictire together.
It was pretty, he transferred it to my phone. I smiled and closed my eyes,I felt warm
“Our sex plan failed”i said Bryan chuckled and we started laughing.
“We really stressed ourselves out today ” he said, i nodded.
I can’t stop laughing at my stupidity.
Ryan’s pov.
Hahaha I almost died.
This is the best night of my life.
I knew it won’t work.
I covered her well
She already slept off.
I kissed her ear Quietly as I looked at the clock..
Crazy girl.
I held her tight ..I can’t stop smiling..
It’s not really easy..with nana sex was like food..
Trying out all stupid new things every day.
With deya its close to impossible.
Life is funny
I still won’t compare them both.
Austin’s pov..
Ahhhhh why did I say it all like that. now am too scared to open my room door.
I can’t miss my favorite t.v show.
I opened my door and alisson hastily turned then cleared her throat.
“Ummm Alison?”I said
“Yes”she said and turned she was holding a cup of coffee which seemed to burning her hand.
She smiled
“Uhmmm i made coffee, uhmm you might get cold .
“Dont you take coffee,”she asked with a very sad and teary face.
“No I Dont” I said and closed my room door.
I watched her from the opening.
She took a Deep breath.
I fell on my bed and she knocked again i walked out.
“Tel me”I said
“Are you hungry? I cooked”she said
“Stop making me feel so pathetic and pitiable ok, you said I should leave you alone so let me be too. stop rubbing it in you are making me hate myself”I said.
“Nooo, am just trying to be your friend.” She said and dried her tears.she sniffed like a kid”am sorry for sounding rude all the time,i guess am not well mannered” she said.
I closed the door again..
After a while I opened it again and she was still there.
“Wont you eat my food,”she asked
“where Is the food” I asked she smiled.
“I cooked a Korean food, i used a cook book,come on” she said.
I nodded and walked down.
I sat facing the food and she handed Me a chopstick.
I tasted it
oh my God..
Tastes like death
I almost threw up
“How was it?”she asked in a smile.
I looked into her deep blue eye which was sparkling with excitement.
“Ohh it’s very good” I said.
She smiled.
“Finally someone said my food is sweet. wait I will get water”she said and ran out.
I ran to the sink and vomited everything.
I returned and faced the food.
She dropped water and smiled.
“Eat more”she said.
“Huh ok” I said and took another spoon.
it was just full of sand.
I used my hand to cover my mouth as i cleared my throat.
her eye widened.
“Is the food bad”she asked
“Which food? bad? how?”I forcefully swallowed it and drank water .
she smiled.
“Thanks” I said.
She nodded.
I feel so embsrrased
..I didn’t want to tell her how I felt yet.
I feel so much pain.
I know i loved before but i never felt this way before…
No matter what, Alison can’t Be mine
I stood up and walked into my room.
Rose’s pov.
I cleaned the table while singing to myself when jace walked in and sat down …
“Rose you are too dull”the manager said.
I ran to jace
“Ummm sir what do you want?”I asked
“Rose sit down and talk to the young man” the manager said.
“But sir am not allow–
“You are allowed today”he said
What is going on..
Jace’s pov.
And just to see rose I had to bribe even the management
Rose sat down..
I now feel lost of words.
even if she doesn’t date me I just want her to be around me
“Rose what will you eat?”i asked
“Oh my, I had not even eating since morning. my mom is at the hospital. thank you” she said and ran off.
I smiled as i watched her take one pizza pack then a plate of ice cream.
She sat facing me and smiled.
Did she just smile
Best day of my life.
She opened the pack and took one pizza which she forced into her mouth.
I smiled
” can I join you” i asked
“Huh” she said and stopped eating.
“Noo its ok..uhmmm am not hungry I was just–
“Ok, uhmmm lets eat” she said and moved her hair into her ear.
I smiled as I took a slice.
She watched me taste it.
My manager will kill me
I don’t eat out.
“Is it good?”she asked I nodded..
She took one slize.
“Uhmmmm how is dream high for you” I asked..
“Well fine” She said And cleared everything on the table.
Jace talk before she runs away..
“Rose I wanted–
She checked her time
“Oppa bye, sir bye” she shouted and ran away.
I smiled when she came back.
“I forgot this”she said and carried the plate of ice cream..
I walked out and watched her run home while jogging like a kid.
I entered my car and followed her quietly.
I did something for her today.
I wonder if that will change her mind about me.
Roses pov.
And I thougtt I won’t eat today.
Oooh my bet.
I hastily covered my ice cream as i looked up.
“Unnie cover your face” they shouted.
“Unnie cover your food.” They screamed.
I convered everything and closed my eye but i didn’t feel any water.
I opened my eye and flowers fell..
I smiled and jumped up as i caught them one by one with both hands.
I smiled happily and looked up..
The flowers where multi coloured.
“Hey..what happened”I asked
“Unnie he paid the debt. We gave him punishment too. We had to pour him paint so now you are free. He said we should pour flowers on you and tell you ” I love you” they said.
My tears started cooking.
“Who” I asked.
“Him” they said and pointed.
I Turned and saw jace leaning on his car.
“I love you” the kids shouted.
I was shocked.
Jace came closer.
“What are you doing? first you took my first kiss like it was a joke and now–
“First what–
“Whatever. stop doing all these things. I know what you want and I can’t offer that. Dont ruin my already ruined live please.” I said.
Jace pov.
Ooooo what did I do.
The way she sounded I thought she already experienced heart break with a rich boy but the truth is she is avoiding heart break.
And that was a first kiss, no wonder it felt special.
“Rose” I said
She ran away..
“Rosella please hear me out”I shouted
“Its late”she shouted and waved from the distance.
“What about tommorow”I shouted.
“Well” she ate into her pretty lips and walked away.
I squatted there again.
at the same spot.
am devastated.
I dried my tears.
Hana’s pov.
Rose got admission and deya left.
All my friends are so busy..am getting too much work alone.
I just finished the road sweeping I look so dirty.
I hummed my song as i Drove my bicycle.
My granny has not eaten.
I need to go and cook for her.
I already went through so much pain because I liked a rich boy.
If i knew I wouldn’t have accepted Kelly.
I would have concentrated on my little live.
Now he took everything away from me.
My dreams
My education.
my granny told my aunt that i was living a reckless life so she washed her hand off me.
I rarely even eat.
I still need to take care of the old woman.
Kelly took my innocence
My virginity.
My life
I didn’t know it was just a bet.
I didn’t know it was just my beauty…why am I so beautiful..I always run from boys and older men
After the sex he just stopped taking my calls.
He stopped talking to me.
And ever since then.
I took my corrections.
I won’t be so stupid again.
That once, that is it all.
I got a call
“Hello rose”I said
“Hana come to my room tonight, I need someone to talk to”she said
“Is it about a boy, finally you liked a boy”i said
She chuckled shyly.
“I do but i don’t know anything about all this and my mum and dad are so strict.
if someone tells them a boy talked to me I might as well get killed.” She said
“Dont trust any boy like that rose, infact Dont let any boy distract You now..look at me, i got carried away and he left after he took my virginity. My aunt stopped feeding me or training me in school. Now i can’t even eat until am sure granny ate. She Is my only hope and the only person I have in this world. A boy made me like this bes” I said.
“You know i don’t–“I heard voice in the background..
“Rose call Hanna, her granny is dead”
I screamed
“Hana, Hana.
I screamed again and lost control of my bike
A car was coming..
Granny Noo, i have no one else
I felt the car hit my bike.
I fell and fell and fell.
From then I don’t know what went wrong.
I saw rich boy walk out..
Evans pov.
what is this now
“Hey uhmmm dirty girl”I said.
I couldn’t even touch her..dirt.
“Hey are you okay” I said no sound.
She had a wrapper round her head.
Is She bald.
But her face Jesus Christ.
Are you human.
Pure red lips,pointed nose, crazy long lashes,skin like snow white,pretty teeth,pretty lips.
My guards lifted her and the wrapper fell.
Shit..her hair was touching the floor.
My eye widened.
If i have this girl as a mistress I might leave women.
Thick black hair and the edges where Golden
How can a girl be so beau–
“Sir we can’t take her to the hospital, this is a scandal” my guards said.
“Ok call the doctor and take her to my house” I said.
They entered the car and drove off.
I entered the other car.
But why are poor girls so beautiful.
But dirty oh my..
Nana’s pov.
We arrived and Ely rushed in.
“Ummm when you get a song idea inform me”he said I nodded
“Ok cool”I said.
“Lets make this as professional as we can” he said I nodded.
“Ummm this girl,that girl you sang with. something deya,where can I find her?”he asked.
“I mean, is she a Korean girl?”he asked.
“yes, she is in my school”I said.
“She’s very talented and pretty” he said
“She has a boyfriend”I said
“Its expected”he said.
Wil all the guys I like talk about deya..
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
Ryan’s pov.
Wow last night was another long night of controlling needs and desires.
Am in the shower,i even walked in with my phone.
S-square won’t kill me.
Deya is still sleeping..she didn’t do anything yet she sleeps like a log.
Deya turns me on every second even her smile floods me with need.
Thank God for self control..assuming nana didn’t make me hate girls maybe I wouldn’t have achieved this control.
I walked out and wore the white trouser then brushed the white band into my wet hair
No top..I applied my cream then fell on the bed and entered the blanket.
She moved into my chest I smiled and held her tight.
“Deya wake” I said She opened her eye.
“I love you”was her good morning.
it made me smile..
“You seem wet did you bath”she asked I nodded.
She smiled.
Why is she still feeling guilty about yesterday..it’s not her fault that she is a shy person.
I scratched her hair she smiled.
“I will bath in your shower today”she said in a smile.
“You are free..am all yours”I said she smiled and walked into the shower then walked out.
She forgot to remove her cloths.
“Close your eyes”she said i smiled and used the pillow to cover my face
I finally opened and i didn’t saw her again.
I smiled as I saw the clothes she removed.
Wow this shower is pretty
I feel cold.
did Bryan bath cold water too?
Why did I ruin yesterday.
I Turned on the shower and rinsed my body fully of the soap..
I have so much desires but so much fear.
If only I wasn’t so nervous.
Why do I keep playing with bryan.
I keep turning him on and still leaving him like that.
He is human, he didn’t do wrong by liking me.
I should really stop punishing him.
I wrapped his sponge round my waist.
I tied it and tried dancing.
I turned and saw Bryan’s phone.
Oooh he forgot his–
Bryan walked in
parental guidance advised for readers younger than the age of 2O.
“Deya I forgot to take–
My eye widened in shock.
I swallowed nothing and strated looking up and down.
He forgot that i was —
“Am sorry,i didn’t–I forgot”he said.
His eye couldn’t get out of my body. he traced them quietly from my shoulders down to my hip.. then to my chest
He was filled with so much desires that i too started feeling sweet by just looking in his eye.
“Bryan”i said
“Oh sorry, I will just take my phone” he said.
I was still surprised and shy as Bryan moved closer to me to take the phone behind me.
I gently moved back.
He tried taking his phone it fell down..
I cleared my throat
He is going to bend
Bryan bent down to take his phone…
The sponge on my waist fell.
watched him lift his face and looked down in there .
He closed his eye instantly and looked away
then he took the phone..
I was still shocked.
Will he still see me naked today and continue controlling and starving himself because I Wont stop beingggggg nervous?
He stood well with the phone
He tried leaving I gently took his hand.
He looked at me I closed my eye tight..
I was just too nervous but i held his hand well.
“Deya” he said i opened my eye and he hastily controlled his eye which was on my br**st.
The shower started dropping.
“Bryan am ready” I said.
“Ummm you are not, i will–
I held his hand and brushed it down my waist.
He tried moving it I held it firm.
He looked in my face I closed my eye tight.
“Bryan lets strengthen our bond tonight” I said.
I felt him kiss my lips with my eye closed.
I closed them tighter and kissed him back..
Our kiss was so so slow steady and intense..Bryan mistakenly turned on the shower with his back I smiled happily as i felt the water bath us…
He gently moved my hair into my ear..
We kissed again..
He traced his fingers all ober my bare body leaving me with moans into the kiss.
He grabbed my br**st.
I opened my mouth In a moan.
we kissed again he playfully circled his thumb down my ni**ple making me moan like carelessly as i raised my hand over his neck.
I kept making sweet sounds into the kiss.
he sent his fingers to the other wet br**st.
I shivered in sweet Ness and unlocked from the kiss cos I wanted to look in his face.
I watched him as he pressed and squeezed softly while moving his lips into nine again.
the water made us wild with desire.
We kissed he pressed a little hardly.
“Ouch my love” was what left my mouth.
he smiled and lifted me up then held md like I was weightless.
I wrapped my legs around his waist and he licked around my breast with his mouth.
my eye widened ..I smiled cos it tickled me.
“Bryan”I said
“hmmnnn” he replied as he leaned me on the wall.
i smiled as he bent well and took my ni**ple into his mouth.
I smiled shyly.
” ahh dont,” i said as i moved back making it leave his mouth.
he frowned like a kid.
“just once, hmmnn?”he asked in a childish pout.. His lips was already moving closer
I smiled and nodded.
i moved closer any gently touched his hair so he would move closer.
he smiled sucked me again making my move back in moans.
it was so sweet.
he did it slowly and made sure he was wetting my ni**ple as he sucked me like he was really taking milk..I smiled
I didn’t even know when I held his hair so he won’t stop.
I moaned sweetly
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