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Only mine… Episode 5

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I dragged it till it reached my knees before I peeped.
“OMG!” There’s actually blood.
Oh Lord, am not pregnant. I just knew it.
“Ray…” I almost screamed but covered my mouth hastily.
I got out of the washroom and shuffled through my bag and took a pad out.
I went to the bathroom and had a quick bath and after that I wore the pad happily.
I once heard a group of girls discussing about their fear anytime they have sex and their period delays.
And just when they thought they’re pregnant but the period finally appears, they’re happiness always knew no bounds. I didn’t understand them by then but now I do.
My happiness was inexplainable. I didn’t plan on combing my hair but I suddenly loosed it from it bondage. I took my comb and slipped it into water before I began combing.
It was extremely long so I gathered it on my shoulders before combing. I was intrigued at it length and texture and for a moment, I didn’t believe that I actually have this hair.
I was so engrossed that I didn’t notice the door creak open until I heard someone sign.
My heart skipped a bit and I dropped the comb on the floor before turning to the person.
“It’s you.” I said with hands on my chest when I saw that it was Raymond.
“Where you expecting someone else?” He asked and walked in fully.
“No one but I thought it was…”
“Mum or Elsie?” He read my mind.
“Yes. I thought it was one of them.”
“Let me help you.” He walked to me and took the comb I abandoned on the floor earlier.
He made me sit on my bed and began to comb my hair.
“I love your hair Leo. It’s just like mum’s.”
“Yeah, its so pretty.”
You’re flattering me bro.”
“But am just being honest. I’ll call you Rapunzel from now onwards.”
“Why?” I asked and chuckled.
“Your hair is long and beautiful as hers.”
“Aww. Then mum is Rapunzel too.” I replied.
“Yeah but she’s senior Rapunzel and you’re junior.”
I grinned happily.
“Anyway, have you found a solution yet?” He asked, changing the topic.
I smiled. “Yes, I have.”
“Oh really? With the way you’re beaming so widely, am sure it’s indeed a good news. Mind to tell?”
“I saw my period today Ray.” I went straight to the point.
“I’m not surprised, I knew you’re not like that.”
“Thanks for not doubting me bro.”
Despite being two years older than me and being a boy, Raymond listens to whatever I say and always made time for me. He’s the one person who always stand by me through thick and thin. Though I don’t have much secrets, Raymond knows everything about me more than anyone else. He wasn’t just a brother but a best friend as well.
“I can never doubt you little sis but don’t you think there’s something missing?” He asked and began braiding my hair.
“What is missing..”
I stopped when I got what he meant. Something is actually missing.
My usual cramps. I wasn’t feeling any discomfort even though is the first day. I couldn’t feel any blood pouring heavily either.
“Calm down Leo. Don’t think too much. I didn’t mean to scare you..”
“You’re right Ray. Am not feeling that vibe I usually feel.”
“It’s okay, it happens.”
I got up and ran back to the washroom. I checked my pant and realized that the blood wasn’t red enough and the flow wasn’t prominent.
I opened the washroom door and got out.
“How was it? ” Raymond asked when he saw me.
“Am terrified and perplexed Raymond. I don’t know what is wrong with me anymore. I was happy a moment ago but now am not sure how I should react. Can you get me a pregnancy test…”
I didn’t finish before the door burst open and revealed the devil herself with her minions behind her.
She looked at me dangerously like a snake about to spit venom.
“You think you can hide in here and i won’t notice? Didn’t I tell you not to step into my house with that bastard in your womb?”
And she actually spitted the venom.
She walked closer to me and raised her hands to hit me.
I closed my eyes and waited for the impact of her hands on my cheek but it never came.
I opened my eyes to see Raymond holding her hands in the air with a hard glare.
“Don’t you ever dare raise your hand to her ever again else you’ll have me to deal with.” He threatened and discarded her hand.
She was speechless for a while before regaining her voice.
“I see. So you can now talk? Or you’re now learning to? If you knew how to talk then why didn’t you fight for what belongs to you since?”
“The fact that I overlook your silly tantrums doesn’t mean am weak. Am just trying to tolerate a horrible creature like you.”
I gasped. I never knew Raymond could talk this much.
Ehrn? So you’ve join forces with your wretched sister huh? I thought you’re wise but I know better. No wonder you’re wallowing under her shadow and following her like a lap dog.”
Goodness! They should stop already.
“Don’t waste your breath mum. We just want her out of this house soonest.” That was Elsie.
“If there’s someone that should leave this house then it should be you and your mum.” Raymond said.
“No one can get me to leave my father’s house.” Elsie retorted.
“What about us? What are we? Are we adopted children to dad? No right? That is why no one except dad can kick us out without us fighting back.”
“You’re such a dummy Raymond. Why are you fighting for someone who had betrayed us all and left our future in jeopardy? We trusted her and thought that she was really going to graduate and take us back to school but she just disappointed us by getting pregnant. And now if we decide to keep her around, then dad has to use his meagre money to take care of her and the baby in her womb until the baby’s of age to go to school which is going to take a pretty lot of time and my patience has already ran out. I can’t be patient any longer. The little money left should be used on us instead.” Elsie said angrily.
“Who else should I fight for if not my sister? If she has made a mistake then we should give her another chance..”
“Chance? I have a lot of respect for you Raymond but I never you’re this selfish and biased. Your being partial because she is your sis but what of us? Didn’t you think of what we’re going through?” That was Valerie.
“What would you do if it was your…”
“Stop it Raymond. You’re sounding like nagging pregnant woman.” I shouted.
“But she can’t talk to you like that ”
“Who’s she? She’s just a cheap slut!” Elsie spatted.
Raymond raised his hands swiftly.
“Stop it Raymond! Stop it both of you!” I screamed as I began to feel dizzy and fuzzy again.
I tried to keep my eyes open but it was of no use. I landed on to the floor with my head hitting the floor.
The pain was the last thing I felt.
I woke up and saw Raymond sitting on a chair in front of my bed. His head was buried in his palm but when my he noticed that i was awake, he looked up.
“Thank God you’re awake. Are you alright!”
“Yes, I am but I can’t say same for you. Tell me, is anything bothering you?”
“No is nothing..”
“Don’t lie Ray. At least not to me.”
“Hmmm.” He signed run his hands through his hair.
I became nervous. Whatever he has to say won’t be pleasant.
“You’re indeed pregnant Leona, the doctor just confirmed it but if you still don’t believe, then we can take the test now.”
I took in sharp breaths. “What about the blood I saw earlier?”
“It must be an implantation bleeding. You’re two weeks gone already.”
I sighed again.
I took the device to the washroom and forced a small urine out.
I waited for sometime before checking the results. It was positive.
Everyone was right after all. I’m pregnant but how?
I got out and Ray raised an eyebrow.
“Am pregnant Ray but I don’t know how and why. I’ve never gone intimate with anymore too.” I sat on the bed in disappointment with all hope drained from my system.
“Did you attend any party you shouldn’t have while in college?”
“No. I didn’t go to any.” I was too busy with book to attend parties.
“Then did someone attack you at anywhere at all? Or did someone try forcing himself on you last two weeks?”
“No. I don’t remember anything like that. Am always in the library.”
I was quite respected and no one dared to bully me or disturb me. I was more than the school head.
He ran his hand through his head again and got up.
“Have you been feeling weird lately? If yes, when did it start?”
Gosh! I feel like am in an interrogation room.
“No bro. I can’t remember.”
“Then have you been to the hospital lately?”
“Yes. But what has that got to do with this situation?”
“What happened to you?” He asked instead with seriousness.
“I had a slight malaria so I went to get it treated.”
“What else? Any medicine that was given to you?”
“No. It was an injection.”
“That explains it!” He exclaimed.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Who knows, they must’ve given you the wrong injection.”
“But how? And what injection could that be?”
“How was the injection given? Did you lie down and did they do something down there?..I mean..” He scratches his head.
He was feeling awkward to mention my V area.
I decided to save him the trouble.
“Yes they did but I didn’t see what was going on down there..”
“How could you be this dumb Leo? I didn’t expect this from you. Didn’t you question why they had to do that?” He scolded angrily.
I got confused. I didn’t understand what he meant.
“I don’t understand anything Raymond. All i knew that day was that I was being treated. I didn’t think further since I was feeling sick. Okay, stop blaming my ignorance and tell me what they actually did.”
“An IUI was performed on you and that’s the only way you could get pregnant if you didn’t have sex.”
“What is an IUI and why do you know so much about it?.” I know that Raymond has always wanted to be a doctor but I didn’t expect him to know so much despite being a dropout.
” IUI is an Intrauterine Insemination where semen get to be transferred into the uterus cavity through the cervix using a syringe.”
He’s right. I already know the definition but I just wanted to test him.
“How did you know so much Ray?”
” Seriously, Is that what you’re concerned about?”
“What else. I’m convinced that this baby in here is a mistake so all I have to do is to abort it so that I can take care of my family. My family’s happiness is my top priority.”
“You’re a fool. Why would you kill someone else’s child?”
“And how do you expect me to carry it for the person? Am not some father Christmas am I ?” I questioned.
“But it was a mistake! You can’t punish the innocent baby Leona.” He reasoned.
What he said just now actually got me thinking twice.
Should I keep the baby and make my family sad or abort it and make all their dreams come true?
What should I do?
. I stayed up to type this so please try and like this episode. Thank you!
Am sorry for the late post too.
What do you think is the right thing Leona should do?
Thanks for reading!
The length of Leona’s hair 👇👇

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Timigold interior Decoration

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Timigold interior Decoration

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