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Only mine… Episode 7

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The securities released me after he left and I just stood in the corridor as people stared at me as if I was a new creature.
I waited until he got out of the ward. When he saw me, he motioned for me to follow him.
I followed him with hope as we entered his office.
“How can I help you ?” He asked and sat.
“I’m pregnant.” I stated.
He raised a furrowed brow with a look that says. ‘How’s that my problem?’
Nevertheless, he nodded for me to continue.
“I’m pregnant but I don’t know who the father of my baby is.” I continued.
He straightened up in the chair with interest.
“Were you raped? If you were raped, then you should be at the police station and not here.” He said with a frown.
“I wasn’t raped.”
“A nurse caused it. It was all her mistake.”
“What do you mean?” He asked.
“A wrong injection was given to me by a nurse when I came for a malaria treatment two weeks ago. I just got to know yesterday when a doctor confirmed my pregnancy…”
“What? Are sure of what you are saying?”
“Am sure.”
“Can you recognize the nurse when you see her?”
“Yes I can. I even saw her just now but she hid herself before you could see her.”
He brought out his laptop and began to type somethings on it.
After sometime, he called me to come forward and pointed at the screen.
“Look through the pictures and show me who gave you the injection.”
I looked at all the faces and after the first roll, I didn’t see her. I went to another page but I didn’t find her face. I went to the third but the same thing.
“Are you sure you know the person?” He asked.
I nodded and moved to the last page.
Just then, I saw it.
“That’s her.” I pointed to the picture.
He clicked on a button and the photo enlarged.
He quickly made a call without saying anything to me.
After some time, a knock sounded on the door and that same nurse I saw earlier appeared.
“Miss Ellie, do you know her? She was your patient.”
She looked at me as if it was her first time seeing me.
“No please. I see a lot of people everyday and it will be hard for me to remember her.”
“I know but try to remember. She came for a malaria treatment just two weeks ago.”
“Let me see.. are you the lady that was brought by your school’s ambulance.”
“Yes,” I nodded.
“I remember her doctor.”
“Good, what medication did you give her?”
“She was suffering from malaria and that was the only injection I gave her.”
“So you didn’t give her someone else’s sperm through insemination?”
“No doc.”
“She’s lying doctor. If she hadn’t given me that injection, then how did I get pregnant when I haven’t had sex before?”
“You can’t accuse her just yet miss..” he paused for me to mention my name.
He nodded.
“You can’t accuse her miss Leona until we check to see if indeed what you’re saying is true.”
He asked and requested for all the patients file that were treated by Ellie in the past two weeks.
“Back to you Ellie, after going through all the patients record, Doctor Max gave you an injection to give to Miss Katherine which was the insemination did you do that accurately without mixing them?”
“Yes, I did. The lady came to confirm the pregnancy and also, that was the only insemination we did that day.”
“You’re right. So miss Leona, I hope everything is cleared? This hospital has not a hand in your pregnancy…
“But how can you conclude this way? This was the hospital I came and they made me lie and injected the semen.” I tried to explain.
I looked at the nurse and she just shrugged.
“Don’t waste our time any further and leave from here. I advised that you try and remember all the guys you bedded. Am sorry miss Ellie, you can leave.”
“Thank you doctor.” She smiled and left.
“Doctor please did you confirm that the lady who the injection was for got pregnant?”
“Yes, she’s indeed pregnant.”
“But what about me? If she got pregnant then how did I come by with this baby?”
“How am I supposed to know?” He replied sharply.
“Trust me doctor, am telling the truth. I haven’t had sex before not to talk of having a boyfriend and I wasn’t raped either. I got pregnant when I came to your hospital.”
“Stop speaking nonsense and go search for the father of the baby. I’ve tried my best.” He picked his stethoscope as he shut the laptop.
“Why don’t you want to believe me? The nurse is lying to you.”
“Not another word from you miss Leona! I’ve been kind enough to listen to you. Now out!!” He shouted.
I jumped up in fright and walked out of his office.
I got to the streets and the late summer morning sun spread warmth on my my body causing my dress to dry completely after walking some distance.
My stomach growled loudly reminding me that i haven’t had any to eat yet. A car pulled in front of me and when I raised my head, I saw that it was the same taxi man I didn’t pay earlier.
He stopped the car and got out.
I walked back.
“Give me back my money.”
“I’m sorry sir, but I don’t have anything on me at the moment.”
“Well, you’ll still have to pay anyway but with your body. You don’t look that bad so I’ll manage.” He smirked unattractively.
Great! Now I’ll have to deal with a pervert.
He was dressed in a rugged clothing and I just wondered how I didn’t notice him before taking the car.
He kept walking close to me. I looked around the place but those who were passing seems to be minding their own business.
” You don’t have to do that, I’ll get you the money.” I replied calmly but fearfully as he was coming closer and closer .
I stepped on a stone mistakenly when I was going back and it got me stumbling till I fell face flat.
I felt a body land on me but was lifted almost instantly. What I heard next was punches after punch. I was hurting and couldn’t get up.
It hurts a lot. I could feel my blood pouring from my foot.
“Leo, are you alright?”
“Ray.” I mumbled before I was lifted up on to my feet.
He started dusting my dress with one hand as the other hand held me still.
“How did you get involve with that driver?” He asked and stared at me.
I just stared at him back.
“Forget it, can you walk?” He asked and looked at my foot.
“I’ll manage.” I looked back and the taxi wasn’t there but a motorbike.
“Is that your bike?”
“When did you own it? I never knew.”
“How’d you know when you were so busy trying to make your family proud. By the way, what were you doing here?”
“I came to the hospital to find out whose sperm it was but they denied it. The nurse denied it and the doctor believed.”
“What? Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming here? I would’ve come along.”
“How will I tell you when you were nowhere to be found this morning? I thought you’ll wake me up but mum did instead.”
“I’m sorry but how dare them deny that? And about mum, did she do anything? Are you alright?”
“Am fine Ray, As you can see.”
“I’ll help you on the bike and we’ll go back to the hospital together.”
“That won’t be necessary bro. They won’t believe us and am not ready to face another humiliation.”
“Are you sure?”
“Okay, then what will we do about the baby?”
“I don’t know yet but one thing is for sure.”
“Which is?”
“I can’t give birth to it Ray? What do I have to offer him or her? I can’t let an innocent baby suffer Raymond.”
“So what will you do?”
“Get rid of it of course.”
“Yes Raymond, I don’t care anymore. What will happen has already happen. I’ve had enough and I seriously can’t kill myself.”
“Seriously? Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I don’t care anymore.” I shrugged with raised eyebrows and flipped my lips up.

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Timigold interior Decoration

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Timigold interior Decoration

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