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Only mine… Episode 8

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“Alright, if you say so. Let’s go home so that I can treat your wound.”
“Home? I do not have a home Raymond.”
“Stop spewing nonsense and let’s go.” He ordered.
“No Ray. Mum sent me packing.” I said silently.
“What? How dare her.”
“Let it be Raymond and don’t worry about me. I’ll be just fine.”
“Come, I’ll take you somewhere else if you don’t want to go back home.”
“Where’s that?”
“You’ll live with me.”
Yeah, Raymond doesn’t live with us. He always come to visit but doesn’t sleep over but I still don’t know where he has been staying.
I nodded.
Staying with him will be better than staying on the streets.
He got on the bike and helped me climb it.
He started the bike when I least expected it and caused me to jerk back and I almost got thrown off the bike but quickly held on to the hem of his jacket tightly.
“Careful Leo, and please don’t be scared. Just hold on to me tightly.”
I nodded and held him so tight.
He chuckled and took off. I closed my eyes tightly as my long hair danced behind me due to the air that was blowing.
Is not that bad being on a bike. It’s actually nice but scary.
I’m only enjoying how the wind was blowing freely on my face without anything restricting it.
“We’re here Leo. I’ll go get your luggage. Wait here while I do so.” He said when we got in front of our house.
“Won’t I fall?” I asked.
“No. Just sit still.”
“I will because I trust you.” I said and he got up.
He came back sooner than I thought and placed the bag in front of him.
We took off again and I started feeling drownsy but I was trying to keep my eyes open since I want to know where he was taking me to.
After battling with my eyes for a while, I gave up and rested my head on his back.
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I woke up on a soft bed and a sweet aroma that has filled the whole place.
How did I end up here? I was on a bike right?
I got up and without thinking twice, I walked towards where the sweet scent was coming from.
The room was small so I didn’t find trouble locating the kitchen.
I looked at my feet and realized that it was bandaged neatly.
“I’m so hungry Ray. I can eat an elephant.” I cleared my eyes with the back of my hand.
I was expecting Raymond’s soothing voice but I heard a hoarse voice instead.
“Raymond is not around at the moment. Am his friend Jaden. We live here together.”
I nodded and started walking back to the bedroom.
“I have everything set for your bath. Go have your bath. I’ll be done by the time you’re also done bathing.”
I looked around and saw my luggage. I picked a black leggings and a blue hoodie. I took a pant too then entered the bathroom.
It has been a long day and entering the bathroom seems like the best thing I’ve ever done.
I took off my clothes and went under the shower after wrapping my hair up. I have no intentions of washing it .
Once the cold water hit my skin, it was as if all my problems vanished. It felt so cool and serene.
As much as I was enjoying this cool breeze, my stomach was also growling so I have to hurry up so I could eat.
I stepped out with a towel around my body and into the bedroom.
I felt uneasy feeling as I was applying my pomade. It was as if someone was staring at me.
I shook the feeling off and continued what I was doing but I could still feel someone staring.
I looked back sharply and caught Jaden standing at the kitchen door with eyes locked on me.
I gathered my clothes and walked back into the washroom and put my clothe on.
I came out shyly and coughed to get his attention when he was still looking at me.
“You said something?” He asked absent mindedly.
“Food.” I stated.
“Am sorry.” He walked into the kitchen and brought a tray. I stared at the delicious meal and gulped.
He’s acting so strange. I hope this food is not spiked or something.
“It’s safe, you can eat it.”
I looked up at him and nodded.
“Where’s my brother?”
“Eat first and I’ll tell you.”
I took the tray and went to sit on a double couch.
I took the fork and dipped it inside the spicy chicken. I took a bite and savoured the taste. It was so tasty. I dropped the fork and used my hand.
I ignored how he was looking at me and scooped the rice with my hand. I continued to stuff the rice in my mouth until I looked at him and choked.
Why the heck did he have to look at me like that?
I began to cough so badly. He rushed to the kitchen and brought some water.
He brought it to my mouth and helped me take a sip while he rubbed my back.
I felt okay after sometime but he continued to rub my back.
I cleared my throat.
But he didn’t stop.
“I’m fine now.” I said finally.
“Okay.” He said but continue to move his hands slowly on my back.
I stopped eating and stilled. His hand grabbed my breast suddenly.
I winced in pain and got up. He pulled me closer and began fondling and holding me anyhow.
I couldn’t control myself anymore so I slapped him but it only worsened.
He looked at me dangerously and angrily.
I moved back but he rushed to me and grabbed me by the waist.
I used my right hand and smeared the the spicy chicken’s sauce that was left on my hand on his face.
I used that opportunity to ran out of room.
He still pursued me.
It suddenly began to rain and I could barely see what was in front of me.
Out of exhaustion, I threw up all the food I ate as I run.
I continued to ran till I was out of breath. When I stopped and looked back, I couldn’t see him.
I scurried forward as I began to feel dizzy and sick. My foot also hurt like hell. I could see the bandage peeling off.
I could barely keep my head up on the street. With how it was pouring, I couldn’t see a thing on the road.
A sudden blinding light from ahead hit my face but before the car could make it to me, I fell into a puddle that has gathered on the road.
I felt so weak.
“Tasha where’s Leo? I haven’t seen her since I came to the hospital.”
My husband Cornelius asked while on his hospital bed.
It won’t take long before he’ll be discharged from the hospital. When he heard about Leona’s sudden pregnancy he had a heart attack so I rushed him to the hospital.
He’s okay now and No, he’s not crippled. That was something I made up just to make Leona feel guilty for what she did.
If he had indeed crippled, then fuck! I would’ve left him.
I’m glad Leona is out of our lives now for good. I never liked her since I got married to her dad but I just have to pretend.
I hated her more when she was all Cornelius will talk about when we are together.
I abhor her even further when my children were made to drop out from school just so she could attain higher.
I didn’t agree at first but Leona was really a brainiac so I thought of considering.
Only for her to crush our hopes by getting pregnant. How could she do that to us?
It’s good sent her packing because I can’t bare seeing her in the house and i might just end up killing her and the baby.
“Where’s Leo Tasha?” He repeated again jolting me from my thoughts.
I made a sad face and sighed. “I’m sorry to say this but Leona left us.”
“What? How can she leave us like that? Besides she has nowhere to go.”
“I also wondered about that Cornelius. I even tried to reason with her that she can’t roam about with the pregnancy since it was her first trimester but she wouldn’t listen.”
“About the pregnancy, is she really pregnant?”
I sighed heavily. “Yes my dear. Leona is indeed pregnant. I wasn’t convinced until she fainted right in front of me and when I called the doctor to ran a check on her, he confirmed that she was pregnant.” I explained.
“Alright but that’s not a reason for her to leave the house. What she did is not like my daughter. The Leona I know is not someone who runs from her problems so why did she leave? I believe there’s some other reason if not Leona won’t leave so imprompt. She didn’t even come to see me. I hope she’s alright.”
Oh my! See this fool. He’s still worried about that wretched daughter of his.
“Why didn’t you stop her Tasha?” She asked and got up.
“I tried but Leona has really changed from the sweet innocent girl that she was. She slapped me from trying to stop her and pushed me. I still can’t believe she did that.”
“She did all that?” He stared at me.
I nodded.
“Since when has she turn that bad and i never noticed?”
I shrugged.
“Get the discharge papers ready. I have to leave now.” He got up completely.
“What? You’re not all that fine..”
“Am fine Tasha. Please go get them ready. Leona might be in danger and it’s my responsibility as a father to protect her. The poor girl rarely get out of her room and now, how is she going to survive on the street all alone? I know she has disappointed me but that’s not an enough reason for me to ignore her. Besides that baby is my first grandchild.”
At this point, I really feel like strangling him until he’s breathless.
I stormed out angrily and got the papers ready after that, we made to leave but stopped at the gate due to how the rain began to pour.
It was a heavy rain and I don’t think it will be over anytime soon.
We got back inside his ward and I went to the window while he walked restlessly to and fro in the room.
A Porsche car drove in the hospital and stopped in the garage.
Someone was picked from the car but the rain was so heavy that I couldn’t see the duo clearly.
However, there was that hair almost touching the ground and I knew that no matter what, I couldn’t mistake that person for anyone else.
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Timigold interior Decoration

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Timigold interior Decoration


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