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Only mine… Episode 4

ONLY MINE {THE UNEXPECTED✓} _________________________________ STORY WRITTEN BY KEL [M.M.A.] EPISODE ~ LEONA~ “I know Leo, you don’t have to say anything.” “But why can’t everyone understand me as well?” “We can’t expect everyone to understand us little sis.” “Have you seen dad? Is he okay?” I asked. “Yes, he’s okay. You don’t need to […]

Only mine… Episode 3

ONLY MINE {THE UNEXPECTED✓} _________________________________ STORY WRITTEN BY KEL [M.M.A.] EPISODE ~RHODA~ “Stop this Rhoda! I never had a boyfriend and I never had sex. Infact am a VIRGIN!” She screamed and her eyes began to water. “Then how’s this possible! I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t done the test myself.” “Trust me Rhoda, […]

Only mine… Episode 2

ONLY MINE {THE UNEXPECTED✓} _________________________________ STORY WRITTEN BY KEL [M.M.A.] EPISODE RHODA Once Leona fell unexpectantly on the stage, the MC called for the first aid team and she was rushed to the school’s hospital. “I guess our new Valedictorian is too happy and must’ve passed out due to the excess happiness. Until she’s awake, […]

Only mine… Episode 1

ONLY MINE {THE UNEXPECTED✓} _________________________________ STORY WRITTEN BY KEL [M.M.A.] √EPISODE ONE√ LEONA [ Yes! I made it! ] • ° “And our Valedictorian for this year 2019 goes to.. Everyone waited in anticipation for the best student to be announced. A valedictorian is the student with the highest rank of the entire graduating class. […]

Only mine

ONLY MINE [The unexpected] Author Kel’s. Synopsis. “Only a mother can tell who the father of her baby is” and that was the adage. But to Leona, her pregnancy was a misery. Have you ever dreamt or thought of waking up one day and finding out that you’re pregnant or fathering a baby meanwhile you […]

The kiss… Episode 4

THE KISS {That changed everything ✓} By KELSAY (M.M.A.) CHAPTER 4 (Then Kiss me to prove it!) “Yayyyyy!” The kids shouted when they saw me and Betsy at the their garden. And just like they always does, they run towards me to hug me but instead knock me down along with them. They were about […]

The kiss… Episode 3

THE KISS {That changed everything ✓} CHAPTER 3 (Are you guys a thing?) MARIANA “We’re sorry but what do you think is missing?” The head boy asked. “A kiss.” “Well, the kiss can only happen if both the prom queen and king agrees.” “Well I agree.” He responded too quickly. “Well I don’t.” I objected. […]

The kiss… Episode 2

THE KISS {That changed everything ✓} *A sequel to MARIANA* Chapter 2 MARIANA The moment that proud peacock was announced as prom king, I felt the need to vamoose. I mean what the fuck did they see in him? He walked up to the stage proudly in his three piece dark suit. Those stupid girls […]

The kiss… Episode 1

THE KISS {That changed everything ✓} *A sequel to MARIANA* by KELSAY SIMONICA’S POV The moment we were sent to the cell when we got to the police station, I gave Aria a resounding slap. “What was that for mum?” “How could you Aria? If I had knew that you were responsible for Toby’s attempted […]

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