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The kiss… Episode 6

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{That changed everything ✓}
(I won!)
“Alright, let the best player win then.” I replied.
“Sure!” He mused.
“Ladies first.” He demonstrated with his hand towards the pool table after he had arranged the balls.
I moved around the table and grab my cue stick as he watch me move to my shot. I could feel peoples eyes on me too.
I positioned my self properly and aimed for my shot. I shot number two which is a solid ball. The cue ball slightly kisses the solid two and it rolls into the pocket.
Automatically, he goes for the stripes.
All I need to do now is to pocket all the ‘solids’ then aim for the eighth ball then I’ll be declared a winner.
Quite simple right?
After a few walks around the table and several tricky, but well calculated shots, I end up with a ton of stripes in my way for the eight ball shot.
There was only two solids left for me to strike before I make it to the eighth ball but they were tangled among the stripes.
If am not able to hit it right, then he’ll have a chance to begin his shots which I don’t want to happen.
What if he doesn’t miss any of his balls and aim for the eighth ball? Then am going to lose then I have to give him a kiss. Pheeew! That can’t happen. Not now, not tomorrow and not in a thousand years.
I moved around the table for a suitable spot.
I found one and aimed for the 4-ball, corner pocket.
I called my shot.
“This has to be the best fun I’ve ever had watching pool, doll face. I must confess.” He purred.
I’ve seen admiration in the eyes of people many people when grandpa Toby takes the table. Most especially, if we play together.
Just like magic, I hit the last solid ball slightly with the cue stick and it moved smoothly in to the pockets.
“Wow!” The spectators mumured.
“Quite a shot doll face. I’m impressed.” He commented and moved closer to where I stood for my final shot.
“Eight ball, corner pocket,” I murmured, tapping the pocket of my choice with the end of my cue stick for a perfect measure.
“That’s going to be a tricky shot, only experts can pull through” he said as he eyed the difficulty and mess of stripes that were scattered and lingering the route I’ll be taking.
“And am quite an expert, this doesn’t move me at all.” I replied without looking back but i felt his curly smirk.
I took a breath as I examined the bank in which my shot will have to bounce off.
A gentle graze of the cue ball against the eight ball will be all it needs to slip into the pocket, but I’ll have to do it without scratching.
That’s not going to be easy.
With a final stroke, I propel the cue ball to the exact place I mean to the bank of the table. My hands suddenly shook a little as if someone touched it. I was almost shooting so I didn’t turn to look back but continued.
The cue ball bounces back and rolls straight between the small divide in stripes without changing direction and it taps the eight ball perfectly to force it to roll in but it slowed down when it was getting to the mouth of the pocket.
I prayed as I watch it. Please get inside. Please.
The eighth ball slowly drifts to a stop centimeters before the pocket and fucken stopped right there without moving.
‘Damnit’ I cursed quietly.
How did I manage to lose? It has never occurred before.
“Whoa! That was quite a game. You tried but try harder next time and please don’t expect me to lose because am never a loser.” He said proudly and laughed.
His laughter rumbles free as he shakes his head and took his cue stick.
I sigh smugly while laying down the cue stick and pretending to dust my hands. “I know you cheated Novan, you caused my hand to shake”
“Oh really? But why didn’t you say it earlier? Or you just need someone to blame for your loss?” He chuckled.
Gosh! How I wish he misses one of his shots so I can continue and win.
And just like the expert he seems to be, he shot his balls with ease and soon, he was left with only the eighth ball.
He looked up at me for the first time and winked at me.
I looked away and concentrated on the cue ball he was about to shoot.
He targeted the perfect spot and I was quite amazed.
With a gentle tap on the cue ball, it hit the eighth ball and moved smoothly till it slid in.
He won! Those who were watching clapped for him.
“I won.” He said and shrugged.
“Dude, you won.” His best friend Jade, whom I was just seeing now since came here said.
I watched as Aria came and kissed his cheek sensually.
“I knew she wasn’t a match to you at all.” She looked in my direction teasingly.
I thought she was playing chess.
I pulled my red beanie more closer to my head. It feels so bad to loose. I lost to Novan of all people.
His friends were all over him as if he won a tournament.
I decided to sneak away when he wasn’t looking but I barely took a step when he spoke.
“Not too fast doll face.” He took reserved steps to the center of the bar.
“I told you to learn to always pay your debt earlier didn’t I ?” He asked and shrugged.
“Come closer baby, don’t let me talk too much. You already know the deal.” He said in a shrill voice.
I’m really in for this. Am I really going to kiss him? Is this how I was going to lose my first kiss.
I’ve always hated kiss since I was a kid because I find it gross. I even vowed not to kiss until forty but what now?
I looked around and everyone was staring at me, waiting for me to make a move.
It will be considered inappropriate if I ran from a deal I agreed on willingly.
I took a step towards him and when he saw that, he pouted with eyes closed.
I almost chuckled at how funny his face looked.
I mastered courage and walked to him. He smiled and licked his lips when he realized that i was in front of him.
I went on my tippy toes and pouted. This is ridiculous. Me initiating a kiss is quite a news.
Mum will be flabbergasted if she was to hear about this.
My intention was to give him a quick one and pull back but I don’t know why I fucken have to close my eyes.
I didn’t touch him as my hands were rested awkwardly on my sides.
My pouted lips kept moving further and further into the air but it wasn’t touching anything.
Everyone was silent.
After some minutes of my lips not being able to meet his, I opened my eyes and what the fuck! There was no one in front of me. I looked around and couldn’t stop my cheeks from turning crimson.
There was amusement clearly written on everyone’s faces which looked more like they were trying to keep their laughter at bay.
What just happened?
“Hi doll face.”
I looked to my right to see Novan sitting on a chair with legs crossed as he waved me with a wide smile on his face.
Holy shit! I just made a fool out of myself!
“Too bad guys, the drama ended too quickly.” He bellowed and everyone cracked up.
Everyone was practically laughing so hard that I couldn’t take it.
Some even mimicked what I was doing and there was more laughter.
“That is what you get for embarrassing me at the prom night. Tits for tat, the scores has been settled doll face.” He came to whisper in my ears.
“What did she think anyway, that I’ll kiss someone like her? No way! Guys did you see how she was throwing herself so cheaply at me? Gosh, I didn’t know the sassy and trashy billionaire can stood this low.” He snarled.
Tears stung my eyes as I looked around and saw people with their phones on us.
You shouldn’t have done this Donovan Anderson. I swear, you’re going to regret ever doing this.
I gave him a sad dead glare before storming out of the bar.
Soon the videos will go viral if I don’t do something to stop it.
I drove recklessly back home with speed.
I opened the door and saw mum. My emotions swelled up that instant as I ran to her and hugged her.
“Anything the matter?” She asked a patted my back.
“I’m feeling so terrible mum.”
Her phone suddenly buzzed. I pulled back with my head still on her chest as she took her phone out and stared at the screen.
She suddenly bursted into a fit laughter. Her hands went to her stomach as she laughed loudly with her eyes glued on the phone.
What’s so funny and why is she laughing so much. Is this even the time for her to laugh?
“What have you gone and done Mariana Della Dominguez.” She said through laughter.
“Seriously Paula, what kind of a mother laugh at her daughter that much?” Dad walked in.
He was still in his suit which means that he has closed from work but why this soon?
And why did he say mum is laughing at me?
“Have you seen it too?” Mum asked.
“No but I heard.” Dad replied.
What are these two talking about? I looked from mum to dad.
“Well have a look. I’m sure you won’t blame me for laughing after watching it yourself.” She handed the phone to dad when he got to where we stood.
He started watching and instantly, his lips curved into a smile then it stretched further. He tried to stifle the laughter but it wasn’t too long before he gave in.
Mum joined in the laughter and they laughed together like two crazy maniacs.
Their laughter wasn’t helping my situation one bit so I ran off to my room.
“Hold on princess.” I heard dad say and began following me.
I guess mum followed too because I could hear her giggles while dad tried to shush her but just ended up laughing along with her again.
I got to my door, went in and locked it.
“Open the door princess.”
“No I won’t.” I replied.
“Okay, i promise not to laugh again.” He said but there was still a laughter lacing his words.
I got up to open the door since they won’t leave.
A teasing gleam spreads through his eyes as his lips curl up in a taunting grin when I opened the door.
I went back to sit on my gigantic bed and they sat at both sides of me.
They looked at each other in the eyes and was about to crack up again.
“Seriously dad. You promised…”
“Yeah, yeah am sorry but take a look at this.” He gave me mum’s phone.
I stared at the screen and saw what just happened. Wow, they’ve already got the video? Then am doomed…
The next thing I saw was me closing pouting then I closed my eyes in front of Novan.
When my lip was moving forward to touch his, he kept moving forward which made it seem as if I was kissing the air as well as chasing him with the kiss.
I looked like a blind mouse sniffing things in the kitchen.
My pouted face in the video looked so funny that, an involuntary smile spread on to my lips and went further. Before I knew it, I was laughing as mum and dad joined.
This is actually serious but it’s funny as well. Why the fuck did I do that? That bastard only wanted to make a fool outta me and I fell for his challenge.
The three of us were thrown into laughter and we looked no less than laughing jackals.
This is what happens when you have crazy parents.
How was it?

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