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The kiss… Episode 7

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{That changed everything ✓}
“Seriously, this isn’t funny at all dad.” I said once the laughter died down.
“Yeah you’re right. He shouldn’t have done that.” Dad agreed.
“Do you guys actually hate each other that much?” Mum asked.
“I didn’t hate him this much until what he did today. He crossed the line this time and am going to…”
“You won’t do anything Princess. Let it slide. Is not good to be retaliating people with evil.” Dad interjected.
“But dad..”
“Don’t say anything Mari. Your dad is right. There won’t be a difference between the two of you if you fight back. Your dad and I will make sure the video is out of the internet.”
Oh God! What do i do with an overly kind and compassionate parents?
“But how can he go scot free after what he did? He has to pay mum.” I whined.
“If you retaliate, he’ll also retaliate and who knows, it might be worse than this and that’s how it will keep happening until one of you show a sign of maturity and let go. Other than that, more heartbreaking things will happen.”
“Your mum is right Princess. I know he’ll taunt you and tease you for not retaliating but that will be for some days then he’ll stop. Is not going to be easy because he’ll try to do things to annoy you so that you can fight back but just ignore him. He’ll get bored and stop.”
“Aww, you guys are so sweet. Thanks. I’ll try to stay away from him.” I said even though a part of my heart was saying something else and seriously craving for revenge.
“I hope you won’t do anything funny.”
“I won’t. I promise.”
“Alright but for the meantime, your mum and I will keep this video for entertainment.”
He took mum’s hand and they left my room chuckling on the way.
After they left I began to ponder on what mum and dad said and what Novan did.
Should I forgive him and let it be or follow my heart and let him pay dearly?
What do i do?
I can’t think of anything that could hurt him dearly.
Maybe I should just listen to my parents and let sleeping dogs lie.
I picked my phone to call Betsy when Megan’s call came through. It was a video call.
I picked it up.
“Hi love.”
“Hey cupcake! What’s rolling? I saw your trending video. Trust me, it wasn’t funny at all.” He said ironically and laughed.
“Did you call just to mock me?”
“Oh why would I? I called to find out if you’re okay and that guy, Who’s he?”
“He’s Novan.”
“Is that all you know about him?”
“Yes. Why do you ask?”
“Start to know him because you guys actually look perfect together.”
“What? Are you fucking kidding me? I thought you liked me and I also fell for you but now you’re giving me out to that brat?” I joked
“Well you didn’t think about that when you decided to kiss him so openly. I’m just sad that your love was not returned. Ouch, does it hurt?” He played along.
“With him, I think it doesn’t hurt at ALL.”
“Then don’t go ahead with any revenge. I have a bad feeling towards it.” He said rather seriously.
“How did you know I wanted to?”
“Well, anyone in your position would’ve done that, even me, so I understand.”
“Since you say so, then I won’t go ahead with it again.” I replied truthfully this time.
“Yeah, that will be best.”
“Okay, let’s talk about you. How’s college? Got any girl?” I asked and he blushed a little and giggled away cutely.
“College is cool and about a girl? I’ll tell you when the time is right.”
“Whoa! That’s quite a news. ‘Megan has got a girlfriend’ since you won’t tell me about her, then she’ll be the reason why I’d choose your college to attend.”
“You’ll like to come to my school?” His eyes brightened.
“Yeah. I’ll choose your school.” I affirmed.
“Great! Can you convince Betsy to choose my college too? Please.”
I stared at his pleading face in the video.
“Why do you want her to come to your college as well?”
“Because she’s my…” He paused.
I hope what I was thinking the other time is not really happening.
“She’s your what?” I pressed.
“Because she’s my sister’s best friend and I don’t want you feeling lonely when you come to my college and she also goes to another. I know how close both of you are and I wouldn’t like to separate you guys.”
He’s right, I can’t stay away from Betsy.
“You have a point there so I’ll tell her…” I stopped when I realized that she was calling me.
“She’s calling me Megan. Wait , I’ll merge our calls. Hope you won’t mind?”
“Not at all.” He replied quickly.
“Hi bestie.”
“Hey my clown .”
“I’ll kill you if you call me that again.” I eyed her playfully.
She just laughed.
“Say hi to Megan.” I said and Megan’s face appeared.
“Hi Meg.” She said.
Megan presented a goofy grin and bit into his lips with a shy look accompanied with dreamy eyes.
“I’ll leave you guys for the meantime. Catch you later cupcake. Bye.” He said and hanged up.
That was weird.
“Will you come over or lemme come?” I asked Betsy.
“I was even about to come so expect me.”
“Alright”. I said and hanged up.
Do you think Mariana will forgive Donovan?
I’m sorry..too short!
Thanks for reading!

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