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The kiss… Episode 8

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{That changed everything ✓}
I got back home feeling shitty as usual. Things always go wrong anytime Mariana crosses my path.
I was happy when she made a fool outta herself and the videos went viral but being the filthy rich, the video was banned on social media and anyone that dares upload it gets their accounts disabled.
And no one will like to have his or her account disabled so no one posted the video.
As if that wasn’t enough, I’ll have to deal with mum too.
I got inside and saw her sitting in the palour with a nail file in hand.
“Hi mum.”
No response.
No response.
I rolled my eyes and walked to my room.
She was the one that slapped me not the other way round.
“Marion! ” I screamed as I walked down the stairs.
I wanted to take a walk with Betsy when she comes but I’ve gone through all my clothes searching for the shirt I wanted to wear but I didn’t find it.
I settled for some dark jeans with green Versace shirt and sneakers.
I knew Marion took it because she was with me when I bought it online. The shirt is actually just his size and it looked more of boys shirt. But i bought it because I had a trouser which was going to match with it. Besides, it looked like a crop top to me.
“Marion!” I screamed once more.
“Have you seen him?” I asked great grandma.
She was sitting in the living room with her glasses and a magazine.
She’s mum’s grandma which means mum’s dad mother. My mum only have a father because her mum died a long time ago.
My dad also have just a mum whose name is Florencia but she no longer stays in the house with us. She travelled last year and only came on the new years Eve. But now she’s gone.
Dad, mum, grandpa and aunt Amy(Megan’s mum) had gone for a conference after they left my room. So it was left with Great grandma Victoria and Toby. Marion who just came back from school.
And about nanny Lina, she got married just recently so she no longer stays with us but pays a visit sometimes.
I should’ve gone with mum and dad to the conference but I had to stay back because of what happened earlier at the bar.
“Well he came to pass but he said I shouldn’t tell you.” Granny said without looking at me.
“I see.” I stood akimbo.
She looked up sharply and removed her glasses.
“Wait, did I tell you? Oops! I shouldn’t have. It was a secret but I just spilled it. ” Her eyes widened dramatically.
“Did he tell you another secret apart from that?”
She placed her magazine down and tried to recall.
“if I tell you are you also going tell someone?” She asked.
“No great grandma, I won’t.”
“But you’re looking for Marion right?”
” But why?” She asked.
I smiled.
Oh my word! Does it mean you’ve found out that he took your shirt? Oh this is bad! You shouldn’t have found out. But how did you get to know?”
“Just now.” I chuckled and ran to his room.
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Great grandma has been suffering from dementia when she clocked 75 and it makes her forget things too quickly.
If Marion had knew, he wouldn’t have said that to her. He thought she was going to keep it as a secret but the poor old lady spilled the beans before I even asked her.
“Did great grandma say anything to you?” Marion ask when I got into his room.
“Yeah he told me about how you sneaked into your room when i was calling you.”
“Oh okay! Is that all?.”
“Yes, now can I have my shirt?”
“Did grandma tell you that I had it?”
“I just know it. Now can I have it?”
“I don’t have it.”
“Come Marion, I will like to tell you a story.” I said calmly and sat on his bed.
“A story? Why do you want to tell me a story? If it’s because of the shirt I took then keep your story to yourself and don’t stress your lips.”
“You know you’re smart right?” I pulled him to myself and kissed him.
I wanted to tell him a short story about someone who lied and had to pay a heavy price for that.
“Are you gonna punish me for taking it without your permission?”
“No but you’ll have to carry me on your back down the stairs. Don’t worry, I’m not too heavy.”
“Are you sure you ain’t heavy?”
“No little bro.”
“Alright.” He bend down and I got on his back.
I giggled when he managed to get up. This is so funny and ridiculous.
We made it out of his room successfully then he started descending the stairs little by little. I began to fear when he was finding it difficult to balance his feet properly.
What if we fall down this stairs? Mum and dad won’t be around to save us except for Toby and Great grandma and those two are weak.
“I’ll get down Marion. It’s okay.”
“Why? I can take you.” He insisted.
“No thank you.” I muttered and tried to get down but it all went the wrong way.
What I’ve been trying to d
avoid happened. Marion and I came reeling down the stairs.
When we finally landed at the foot of the stairs, I rested there and prayed that I don’t sustain severe injuries.
“Come on wake up, nothing happened.”
Marion tapped me and laughed.
I opened my eyes and realized that I was on a mattress.
How did I land on a mattress?
“Are you alright Marion?” I asked.
“Am alright.”
I got up and looked at the stairs and realized that there was a thick bedsheets laid on it.
“Who did that?”
“Me of course.”
I turned to see Toby.
“Thanks Toby.” I said and run outside only to bump into Betsy.
“Hey! You look like a thief who’s running from punishment.” She said.
“You’re mad.” I muttered and walked to my bicycle.
“Did you bring yours?”
“Yeah but don’t you think is late to ride a bicycle?”
“It’s only 5pm Betsy. We’ll come back by six because we’ll have school to go tomorrow.”
I got on the bike and she got on hers then we set off.
Our house was like an estate so all the compound surrounding it was ours.
“Would you like to attend Megan’s college?” I asked when we got out of our gate.
“He’s school is so expensive. I can’t afford it” she replied and rode in line with me.
“But would you like to go if you had the chance?”
“Yes, I would love to. Who wouldn’t?”
“Great! Why would you like to go there?”
“Because Megan is… I mean Megan is popular there.”
“Is that the reason?”
“You’ll go because of his mere popularity?” I questioned.
“Not really. He’s school is cool that’s all. Why are you asking all this questions anyway?”
“Because he asked me to come to his school and I thought I should ask you if you’d like to come.”
He stopped her bike and squealed. “Of course I’d love to.”
“Then it’s settled.”
“Today we’re going to revise on the conjugation of verbs.” The French teacher said and ordered our work books to be brought out.
Isn’t this absolute nonsense? Why should we come to class after celebration of prom?
We haven’t even finished writing our final exams.
I brought my work book out grudgingly.
He began to scribble some verbs on the board.
I recopied them in my book and laid my head on it.
I wish I did Spanish like I’d been in the same class with Betsy but here I am stuck with Mr Cocky and his bitch, Aria.
I don’t really hate Aria and I don’t think I ever will. she might have lost me as a friend but that doesn’t mean she gained me as an enemy.
I’m bigger than that. I wanna see her win but she took me as an enemy after what happened to them.
If she’s really dating Novan then she really has to be careful of that bastard. He’s up to no good. They’re sitting at my back and what both of them is doing is actually disgusting.
She got up finally and went to her seat.
I raised my head from the desk and opened my work book to do the assignment. Just then someone threw a folded paper at me.
I looked around but everyone was busy with their work.
I placed the paper in my desk and focused back on my work.
The paper was thrown at me again. I took it and without reading what the person has written, I threw it in the direction it came.
“Stop throwing papers around Miss Dominguez.” The French teacher said.
Didn’t he see when the person also threw it at me? Or he was blind then?
I heard Novan chuckle.
I knew he was responsible for it.
He threw it again and this time, I caught him throwing it.
I took it and opened it.
I saw a scranwy handwriting.
“Betsy is in trouble. She has been locked in the bathroom by some thugs. Go save her now or she’ll be raped to death”
I looked at him with horrid eyes but he was no longer in his seat. I rushed out of the room without asking permission and ran towards the washroom room area.
While I was running towards it, I could hear someone yelling for help.
I got to the ladies and opened the door but surprisingly, there was no one in it and it was completely dark.
“Betsy?” I called.
I tried the switch but it wasn’t working.
The door suddenly opened and someone walked in and shut the door before I could make it out.
“Who’s there?” I asked but i didn’t hear anything.
Before I realized, I was battling with the person to keep my clothes on.
Fuck! I was practically being stripped and the person seems to be so strong.
I shouted for help but no one came and it was as if the washroom was suddenly bullet proofed.
He held unto my school blouse and tried to remove it but I held it tightly preventing him from removing it.
“Let go of me!”
When I couldn’t get his hands off my blouse, I bit his hand.
He winced but successfully removed it. I heard the door slum shut quietly.
I used my hands to cover my upper body
“Are you alright?”
I heard a familiar voice but my mind was so distorted that I couldn’t comprehend who it was and without looking, I hugged the person. It was a boy.
I was hugged back and I just cried on his shoulders.
“Who did this to you?” He seethed with concern and anger.
Before I could answer the lights came on and the door opened violently which was followed by an ear piercing sound.
I peeped from the person’s shoulder and saw almost the entire school with teachers as well.

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Timigold interior Decoration

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Timigold interior Decoration

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